Morgan Alkaline Oxygen Water

Morgan Alkaline Oxygen Water

3 IN 1 water Distrubuter
Some facts about our 3 in 1 water.

Some of the benefits are listed below.

Studies carried out in Japan, Korea and United States of America on
Alkaline Energy Oxygen water

Benefits of Alkaline Energy Oxygen Water:

Helps Improve normal cell growth

Facilitation of excreation of toxic and digestion function

Neutralize free radical inside the body to oxygen for energy and tissue oxygenation

Detoxification of acid waste from cells and tissues. Good for Hangovers.

Helps to Prevent Cancer. Cancer Cells Can’t thrive in a Alkaline body.

Facilities metabolism and oxygen and nutrient transport

Inhibition of growth of malignant cells (cancer)

Elevation of cellular energy increased physical and psychological ability

Helps Regulation of blood pressure through chemo receptors in the carotid and aortic bodies

Increased numbers of blood cells antibacterial and antiviral effect and intestinal mucosal improvement